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What to be Mentored in a Supportive Community?

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Techie Girl Talks is an online community of women entrepreneurs interested in creating and running an online business and using online marketing strategies to grow their businesses. Technie Girl Talks features video tutorials, podcasts, resources, articles, multi media reference materials, and an interactive community forum.

Techie Girl Talks is content rich, BUT it is mostly about the LEARNING PROCESS. If you want to learn about online technology, it REALLY helps to have a community and to have mentors.

The main benefit of Techie Girl Talks is that you continue to grow as an entrepreneur because you have access to a community and guides.

Being a self-learner can be very challengingEven if you take a technology course, just like any book, it ends.

Then, you are on your own again. The learning stops because other “life” stuff creeps back in. Before you know it, you are busy with other things and you have no time for pursuing your passion.

The key to continued learning is having a community to stay in touch with. To not only have someone to answer your more burning questions, but someone to inspire you, give you ideas, direction and challenges.

This is Techie Girl Talks: Learn, Grow, Community.

No matter what your skill level, the amount of time you have, if you are currently involved in an organized technology program or not… Techie Girl Talks can work for you.

Techie Girl Talks is designed to be the learning experience that works for you.

Need structure? We have that.

Do you like to dabble or work on what inspired you when it inspires you? Yup, that works too.

Techie Girl Talks is so inexpensive, that even if you just log on to listen to an interview every moth and participate in the Forum, it’s totally worth what you pay for. As we say, a year of Techie Girl Talks costs less than most day long technology classes.

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